MOV´IT® Double Directional Evolvent System

Restless research in order to develop and improve our products is our daily business.

MOV´IT® braking systems have to meet the highest demands. Years of testing, simulating and practical use have brought up a highly sophisticated ventilation system for MOV´IT® brake rotors that exceeds the highest demands.

The DDE™ is a highly complex system of vanes and air ducts of which some are cast only partially on one side within each brake rotor. This system offers an 80% bigger surface than other rotors of the same size. Positioning the vanes in this specific way and using the large surface of the DDE™ system, a MOV´IT® rotor can dissipate the heat significantly quicker than any other rotor. This leads to considerably reduced temperatures of both, rotor and pad and thus reduces their wear.

Thanks to the DDE™ ventilation system race cars, fast super-sportcars and heavy armoured vehicles can be stopped repeatedly from high speeds with confidence.

Like all other MOV´IT® technologies, the DDE™ ventilation system is part of a perfect braking system, which is uncompromisingly designed to be the best on the market.

The perfect combination of all involved components ensures excellent performance: 


  • Intelligent air ducting
  • Largest possible radiating surface
  • Fast heat dissipation
  • Low temperature
  • Low wear
  • Longer lifetime

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